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5 Awesome Things to See on Your Bean Point Bike Ride

One of the best ways to see all that Anna Maria Island has to offer is by hitting the furthest beach point and soaking in the sights. Whether you decide to sit on the beach and gaze out at the beautiful sparkling waves, or actually bike through the trail paths to explore a little more, you’ll be sure to find something that fits into your ideal vacation.

That furthest beach point is called Bean Point. It marks the northern tip of the entire island. This beach escape is known for its quiet isolation, a far cry away from the rambunctious Manatee Beach or the busy side streets of Anna Maria Island’s historic shopping district.

We recommend a bike ride through the beach and its surrounding area. You can get delivery and pick-up at one of the local Anna Maria Island rentals. The Bean Point bicycle trails are extensive, but the trails carry up and through the island’s perimeter.

Below we look at the five most awesome things to see and do at Bean Point on your bike ride.

Bike on the beach in Anna Maria Island

Look for Rare Local Birds

You’re sure to see lots of the wildlife, including dolphin and manatee, as well as some of the area’s native birds. We have found ospreys, cranes, pelicans, seagulls, storks, spoonbills, and more all tucked away in the trees. Interestingly, birds can be found in both the shallow brush and the high trees. Bean Point is also known to be the home for high-flying and nesting predatory birds, such as hawks and eagles.

Dolphin jumping out of the water in Anna Maria Island

Spot for Dolphins

Dolphins really capture the imagination. Keep your eyes peeled about 50 yards out into the water for the best chance to see these lovely creatures soaring and gliding over the waves. The best time to see dolphin is in the mid-morning and afternoon. Despite the magic of a dolphin under the sunset, they are not extremely common towards the end of the day. You can still see them, of course, and one of the best places to do so is in this quiet retreat on the island northern tip. You should also be aware of manatees which are known to float in the waters, though they are not as common at Bean Point.

The Old Wooden Footbridge

How are you getting to Bean Point? If you bike ride northwest, leaving the city pier area, you may spot a tree-lined pathway at the intersection of North Bay Blvd & North Shore Dr. Head up just a bit further and you may spot an old Anna Maria Island relic. This iconic local sight is adorable and marks your introduction to Bean Point from the street.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge floats admiringly over the Tampa Bay, separating it from the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a spectacular and grand sight. If you bike ride anywhere over by the beach, you are bound to see it just off to your right.

Quiet Isolation

Do you need a bathroom?

For better or worse, you may be out of luck. You may be more interested in here in what you aren’t going to see, and you aren’t going to find convenient facilities. This is one such area where you are certain to find sincere isolation, away from the crowds of the rest of Anna Maria.

There are many places to ride a bike near Anna Maria. One potential biking adventure is to traverse the northern tip of Anna Maria Island to Coquina Beach at its very southern end right along Gulf Drive the entire way. The entire trip takes about 6.6 miles or 35 minutes on a bike.

It’s a great opportunity to sightsee along the way and take inventory of other potential things to do on your vacation. The early morning is one of the best times to do this when traffic is light.

So pick your rental company provider, book a day, and get ready for a day full of fun in the sun. Head up to Bean Point, Florida and back, for a grand biking journey. Visit our listings page for a full rundown of our available Anna Maria pet-friendly vacation rentals.