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What to Eat When You Visit Vinny and Cheryl’s Italian Kitchen

If you’re looking for one of the best Italian restaurants in Florida, look no further than Vinny and Cheryl’s Italian Kitchen on Pine Avenue on Anna Maria Island near our vacation rentals.

This classic Italian Restaurant offers plenty of Italian favorites as well as bakery items and a pizzeria. It’s one of the highest rated restaurants on the island for good reason – they do Italian cuisine the right way.

With everything made from scratch, large portions, and a diverse menu that appeals to multiple preferences, you’re sure to find plenty of options that will hit the spot for you and your group.

As you would expect from any fantastic Italian eatery, there are so many choices on the menu at Vinny and Cheryl’s Italian Kitchen. This includes a full lunch and dinner menu, plus bread, pizza, sandwiches, gelato, pastries, and more.

Even though the selection lends itself to provide anything you could be craving, it can also be daunting. That’s why we’ve selected some of the best Italian foods you can order here.

All dishes are prepared by hand by renowned Italian master and Italian native, Chef Vincenzo. He managed to bring some of his grandmother’s most nostalgic family classics to Anna Maria Island.

Italian food dishes

Best Foods to Eat at an Italian Restaurant

Although you really can’t go wrong when picking any of these local Florida favorite Italian dishes, a few stand out. From the chicken Parmesan to the meatballs and meat lasagna—the classic choices here are flavorful and delicious. You’ll find these dishes have the perfect balance of sauce, seasonings, meat, and cheese to delight your taste buds.

The chicken cooked here is tender and juicy, and other classic choices like the lasagna are made with a mixture of mouth-watering meats like ground beef and sausage made from scratch.

Some other delectable and traditional eats here include the tortellini, sausage calzone, and for groups, there’s always the option to order some large pizzas to share.

Alternative Food Options

There are also tons of options for non-meat eaters and others with dietary restrictions. The menu has clear listings of which options are vegetarian and what selections are good for gluten-free diners.

Some of these choices include the salads, vegetarian pizzas, gluten-free pizzas, eggplant parmesan, eggplant Roma, vegetarian sandwiches and more.

Bread, Salads, and More

Of course, when choosing what to eat at an Italian restaurant, you can’t skip one of the most important parts—the bread. At Vinny and Cheryl’s Italian Kitchen the bakery is top notch. The Italian bread is soft but has a great chew to it with a fabulous crust that gives a delicious crunch.

Another fabulous starter—and one of the best foods to eat at an Italian restaurant is the salad. Vinny and Cheryl’s Italian Kitchen makes sure to use fresh ingredients in all of their salads. The crispy and delicious salad comes topped with plum tomatoes, olives, oven roasted red peppers, onions, and even marinated eggplant if you so choose.

Once you finish, make sure to save some room for dessert. As delicious as the starters and main courses are, the dessert options at Vinny and Cheryl’s are decadent and will put the cherry on top of a wonderful meal.

Some top food selections from this part of the menu include tiramisu, flourless chocolate torte, and a lemon dessert pastry. The main dishes here are huge and will likely fill you up, so if you can’t manage to stomach dessert right after your meal, make sure to order any of these tasty treats to take home with you.

All of these marvelous options are also available to take home with you. Order to go from Vinny and Cheryl’s Italian Kitchen to enjoy these delicious dishes right in the comfort of your own vacation rental. It’s a great way to experience the ease of eating at a restaurant with the relaxation of taking a break from dining out.

If you have any questions about the other restaurant options on Anna Maria Island, our staff would be more than happy to help you out.

We can also help you find suitable accommodations on Anna Maria Island that are located near Vinny and Cheryl’s Italian Kitchen and some of the other top dining destinations here.