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How to Enjoy the Sunset on Anna Maria Island

Few things are better in the world than a well-timed sunset. A beautiful sunset can embody closure to a successful day, romance, magic, and connectedness with nature, depending on the occasion.

On top of this, few sunsets are better than the Florida beach sunsets, and virtually no sunset is better than the one that floats delicately over Anna Maria Island with unblocked views each evening.

So how can you enjoy the sunset on the beach in Florida? To get the absolute most out of every moment of the sun’s evening fall under the horizon, find the perfect spot on Anna Maria Island and absorb that magical energy.

Sunset over Anna Maria Island

Dinner, Romance, and the Stunning View

One popular idea is to enjoy the sunset over a romantic dinner at one of the local restaurants. The Sandbar Restaurant is perhaps the most definitively romantic of them all for seeing the Anna Maria Island sunsets. Guests can soak their toes in the sands as they sip on wine, indulge in some cocktails, and order some top-tier seafood.

The Sandbar is open to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, so the sunset can start your evening dinner off right, as the sky darkens and the candles flicker. The Sandbar is known for its grouper sandwich. But, the ambiance and atmosphere are unparalleled. Many of our northern Anna Maria rentals are located by the Sandbar so that you can easily access it.

You can also try the Anna Maria Island Beach Café for some spectacular sunset views. Located within Holmes Beach near the center of the island, this comfy and casual café is famous as one of the best places to view a sunset on Anna Maria Island.

Sit out on the bold balcony space overlooking the gulf. The patio has a nice overhang so you are not overwhelmed by the summer heat, but you still get wide-open views.

The café closes at 8 p.m. so it makes for a perfect location to enjoy dinner and walk right off from the patio to the beach for the beach sunset on Anna Maria Island.

Several other restaurants on the island offer beautiful unobstructed views of the sunsets include the Rod and Reel Pier and the Beach House Restaurant.

The Green Flash

How else can you enjoy the sunset while dining on some fine Florida seafood or simply relaxing at the beach? There’s a unique phenomenon you might be lucky to catch during your viewing experience.

It’s called the “green flash” and it’s a rarity but exciting to see. The green flash is a phenomenon that occurs infrequently just as the sun sets or rises. It appears as a bright green bulb right directly center and above the sun as it clears the horizon. It occurs as a result of the Earth’s atmosphere separating the light from the sun out as different colors.

Watch for it as the sun sets because it only lasts for about two seconds. It is a fun and fascinating way to enjoy the sunset, with an observant eye and an eager group. Stay at one of our vacation rentals that can accommodate a larger group so that everyone can get a chance to view this incredible natural phenomenon.

While it is fun to imagine the green flash as a beam of light or an alien ship, it is no more than the perfect capture of light at the right angle, time, and color spectrum, to create the visual illusion.

Bring The Whole Family to Enjoy the Sunset

With our pet-friendly vacation rentals, you can enjoy the sunset on Anna Maria Island as a family – and this means the whole family.

Wouldn’t your vacation be so much more exciting with your pet along for the adventure? While some may balk at the idea, others love to bring a furry family friend on vacation, especially if they go to exotic and new places.

The many gulf beaches of Anna Maria Island near our Anna Maria Island rentals with a pool are an ideal place to soak in the sunset and have the kids (and the dog) run about in every direction.

Play in the water, watch for wildlife coming out or going in for the evening and, ultimately, scan the horizon as the bright orange, red, and yellow hues illuminate the sky as the sun sets and night sets in.

We offer some welcoming and amenity-loaded Holmes Beach vacation rentals. Bring everyone along and enjoy a unique and memorable sunset experience each night among many other attractions and things to do on Anna Maria Island.