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How to Shop for the Best at the Bridge Street Market Farmer’s Market

The Bridge Street Market Farmer’s Market is one of the most popular recurring events on Anna Maria Island. The City Pier by Bridge Street erupts with local food vendors, special Florida arts and crafts, talented artisans, and more through November to April. It is a blast to stop by with the whole family on a vacation escape- and you don’t have to spend a dollar to see the local sights and appreciate the views off the pier.

But, if you do want to shop around, there is plenty to find. The market, also called the Bradenton Beach Historical Bridge Street Market, is a blistering collective of gifts and goodies. You may want a few tips to navigate its vendors and find the best.

Bridge Street Farmers Market in Anna Maria Island

About the Bridge Street Farmer’s Market

The beach farmers market on Anna Maria is home to almost-exclusively local vendors and artisans, and the rotation changes often enough to offer slightly different experiences each time you go.

This non-profit operation highlights the special talents of the locals, from watercolor art, photography, jewelry crafting, music performance, and more. The market recently assisted in a “Save Our Shores” initiative, in support of the rehabilitation of the local beaches following the red tide incursion.

Food and Art

You can find some delightful jewelry, handcrafted from a local artisan. Local musicians may also perform small showcases for you as you travel the market. They will often have CDs and other merchandise available for sale.

One of the biggest perks of visiting the market is fresh produce, which is all sourced from local farms. Make sure to spend time exploring each major tent at the market. Take some time to browse the produce, as well as herbs and flowers often available.

Grab something to eat that is specifically local, like a seafood delicacy. Purchase pick up some beach-themed jewelry or another type of art that defines Anna Maria Island. The island décor heavily favors anchors, dolphins, all things maritime and ocean, and natural landscapes. Purchase something that embodies the spirit of Anna Maria Island and the aspects of it that connect with you on your island travels.

Shop, Dine, Play

The tagline for the Bridge Street flea market and the whole area is “Shop, Dine, and Play, from Beach to Bay.” It is a lovely and perfect summation of what makes this market, out of all the AMI farmer’s markets, one you must see. The picturesque pier floats in the background. The local vendors are friendly and welcoming. Most have websites and Etsy shops available where you can purchase items from home. It’s a community-driven event that locals and visitors can adore.

To get the best shopping experience out of your trip, be sure to soak in the atmosphere. Don’t just stay focused on the tables, as pretty as they are. Find something that connects you to the wonderful island ambiance. Take “shop, dine, and play” seriously by shopping around for a gift (one for you, one for family), grab a delicious meal, and play (or relax) on the beach.

When and Where?

The address for the market is 107 Bridge St, Bradenton Beach, Florida 34217. It is open every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can find all the above vendors, and more, seasonally from November to April.

You don’t need to have a farmers market in Anna Maria to explore the downtown pier and admire the wonderful water views. The Bridge Street area is home to many fabulous restaurants, shops, art galleries, and more.

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