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How to Strategically Play Miniature Golf with Your Family

There are many fun vacationing things to do in and around Anna Maria Island. There always seems to be a nice afternoon bike ride, a stop to the beach, and at least one afternoon by the pool.

But, more often than not, someone in the family suggests another vacation staple: mini-golf. Parents, kids, grandma, and every in between can hop on over to the grounds and appreciate a nice competitive afternoon with loved ones.

There are quite a few fun spots to play some beachside miniature golf for competitive families, including these two popular locations.

  1. Fish Hole in Bradenton Beach (115 Bridge St)
  2. Smugglers Cove in Bradenton (2000 Cortez Rd W)

So, although you’ll have plenty of fun mini-golf spots to check out, you’ll need some tips to put you ahead of the competition! What are some mini-golf strategies to make sure you come out on top? Below are four key tips to improve your mini-golf skills on your next Anna Maria Island vacation.

Mini Golf ball and putter

Relax on the Hit

Too often, people end up clubbing the ball across the greens and into the pond on their first hit. If it isn’t in the water, it will be if they don’t relax. You would be surprised to know how many people over-hit the ball, sending it careening over the edge of the designated greens.

Let up on your hit. A light tap is enough to often get the job done. These are not swing or fairway shots. With mini-golf, you are always in the close-in putt. There are no better mini golf tips from a putt-putt pro than ones focused on lightening the hit.

Most miniature golf courses will have a little practice putt area. Spend a few minutes here to feel the club and practice your hit strength.

Find the Right Club

Clubs have varying weights and heights. They are usually organized by color based on how tall they are (many mini-golf courses don’t even account for club weight).

You don’t need to spend a lot of time here. The stakes aren’t high and you aren’t expected to be a master. Find a club that fits your height. You should bend over slightly but not enough to cause strain. If you feel an unreasonable tightness in the back, you are dipping too far (and probably won’t have a good time no matter how far ahead you are).

Lining up mini golf ball to putt

Look Over the Hole Before Each Round

Find the golf hole. Assess where you need to go and follow how you are going to do it. If you want to learn how to win at minigolf, you have to start by patiently looking over each hole. As much as it may annoy the others with you, take the time to plan a course of action.

Almost every mini golf hole will have a preferred path set up for you if you manage to get between the sticks, around the hole, or through the straight. The terrain’s highs and lows will highlight an ideal path towards a hole in one. You just have to take the time to find it.

Block Out the Extra Obstacles on the Green

There’s often an extra something on the hole. It could be a windmill, a waterfall, or a really rough patch of terrain. Regardless of what it is, it is often just a big noisy distraction. You could avoid the patch by hitting to the side. The waterfall poses no threat. Actually, you have to use it!

Often times, the hole has some extra noise, an obstacle or two, that is just there for window dressing. It is part of the fun. As for hurting your actual game, it doesn’t do much. Keep that in mind and don’t be stressed as you navigate all 18 holes of a fancy, colorful, and “obstacle-ridden” mini-golf course.

We love putt-putt golf, and have plenty of advice on improving your mini-golf score and how to get to the best nearby courses. Come on over to Anna Maria Island for a relaxing and activity-filled family vacation. Book one of our AMI vacation rentals today.