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Kayaking on Anna Maria Island

On Anna Maria Island, you can find excursions, relaxation, and some dazzling water adventures for your next family vacation when you are over your Anna Maria Island rental with a pool.

Our island has excellent kayaking, with many intricate waterways and bays that give you an intimate glimpse at the expansive beauty and scale of the gulf and bay waters.

What are some of the best areas to kayak near our Anna Maria Island, FL rentals? What can you expect? Below is a guide to getting the most out of kayaking on Anna Maria Island.

Bays and Locations to Paddle the Day Away

Bimini Bay Kayaking

Anna Maria Island features a number of kayak launches on the island itself or at nearby preserves. The island is quite small, so you can easily navigate around the various waterways once you launch your kayak.

Kayaking on the calm waters of the gulf is nice if you are experienced and just want to paddle around without any particular course or direction. Kayak launches are available at parks such as Bayfront Park or Coquina Beach Park. Many want to paddle closer to the island, and Bimini Bay offers exactly that.

Bimini Bay runs through the northern portion of Anna Maria Island down to the Key Royale Bridge. This bay hugs some gorgeous residential areas of the island. It’s a splendid trip through the waterfront rentals on Anna Maria Island and homes.

Other top areas to kayak include the nearby Robinson Preserve and Leffis Key, both of which offer breathtaking views and are easily accessible on any vacation here.

Wildlife You Can See While Kayaking

Anna Maria Island and the surrounding areas are focused on wildlife preservation. The island has long been a home for a variety of birds including Florida ospreys, snowy egrets, green herons, and pelicans.

You can spot the fluttering birds from the skies, but don’t forget the water. The gulf water is famously transparent, allowing you to see schools of fish dancing.

There’s a good chance you’ll spot a manatee or a dolphin if you kayak enough here. Both are common in the area. Manatees head to our warmer waters during the winter, making it possible for you to see them meander past you while you’re kayaking.

Dolphins swimming through the water

Manatees are widely protected but curious. They may poke their head above the water or swim near you, but do not interfere.

Dolphins are known to follow watercraft and kayaks and are seen throughout the year, making kayaking the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures. Most guides know exactly where to go to find collections of dolphins playing in the water.

Kayaking is extremely safe, especially in the hands of a tour guide that will typically accompany you through two to four-hour excursions, often hitting popular bay areas and a portion of the Gulf of Mexico.

Multiple kayak sizes and tour options are available for youth and adults, and families can go tandem or solo, separating or teaming up family members as needed.

Local Kayak Providers

front of kayak

Every kayak tour provider on or near Anna Maria Island has a team of experts ready to get you acquainted with whatever you need, along with gear rentals, all at very reasonable prices.

Kayak Jacks Paddlesports offers some lovely tours of the Robinson Nature Preserve, Leffis Key or Emerson Point in Palmetto. Their trips are extremely family-friendly and tranquil. Call for tour information at (941) 538-1448.

There’s also Happy Paddler Kayak Tours, offering eco-friendly tours of the local waters right out of Anna Maria Island. This provider is known for its friendly guides and the quantity of wildlife that is typically seen on their tours. Get more information on their offerings by calling (941) 773-1920.

A True Kayakers Paradise

Several portions of Anna Maria Island are filled with wildlife activity, due to the island’s subdued nature and several protected areas. Locals have resisted overdevelopment to keep the island connected with nature – something that can’t be said for many other parts of Florida.

As a result, Anna Maria Island unquestionably is a kayaking paradise, and it remains a major activity for both locals and travelers. On any kayak journey, you won’t be too far from a range of fascinating wildlife species, as well as some gorgeous views of the islands, gulfs, and bays.

Many of our modern and spacious Anna Maria vacation rentals are located on or near the intricate water passages throughout Anna Maria Island. They offer quick access to many of the drop-off points for kayaks, paddleboards, and other ocean activities.

Get more information about kayaking on Anna Maria Island or our waterfront or near waterfront rentals by calling us at (941) 462-4016.

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