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Best Time of the Year for an Anna Maria Island Boat Tour

There are typically two types of people who visit the shores of Anna Maria Island. There are beach enthusiasts who spend the majority of their time with their toes in the sand, soaking in the sun and admiring the views. There are also people who want more than just a view of the water- they want to experience it firsthand. These are the boat lovers of the world.

Anna Maria Island has all sorts of beach boat tours for you to check out. What is the best time of year to go on a boat tour? The answer may depend on the type of tour you want to go on.

Anna Maria Island has all sorts of beach boat tours for you to check out.

Types of Boating Tours

In general, there are four main types of boat tours available.

  • Inshore Fishing: fishing boat tours close to shore, typically within a one to 30 miles. The depth of the water is typically no more than 30 meters.
  • Offshore Fishing: offshore fishing, or deep sea fishing, carries you past the shoreline for more ambitious long fishing trips or even overnights.
  • Sunset Tours: These romantic-oriented boat tours typically stick right by the shore and provide elegant dining experiences on the water.
  • Dolphin Tours: Dolphin tours near Anna Maria focus on finding the coves and attracting the attention of the island’s best friend- dolphin!

This is only a broad look at the many boat tour types. You want to determine what basic type of adventure you want. There’s a huge difference between an ambitious offshore trip and a casual romp along the shore for dolphin.

What Time of Year is Best?

Every type of boat tour experience has different features to consider. So what time of year is best for a boat tour by the beach?

It depends on the type of trip you want. Anna Maria Island is special because almost all year-round you can catch some excellent fish and see some amazing dolphin. The warm waters keep the excitement going all year long.

With that said, inshore fishing is usually considered at its best in the spring. The warmer waters bring Snook, Redfish, and Trout closer to the shores. Yet many local captains still report catching Snook as late as September, and Redfish fishing is top-tier into October.

Offshore fishing for Tarpon is buzzing during the summer, though this depends on weather patterns and water temperatures.

Dolphin are everywhere virtually all year-round. The best time is the spring or fall, when the transitional water temperatures really get the dolphin frisky and excited. But you are bound to see a dolphin any time of the year on a dedicated dolphin boat tour.

Finally, sunset tours are magical. You can’t go wrong going any time of the year, but few things in life can top a summer sunset on Anna Maria Island. If you are hear from June to August, you are going to see an impressive glowing spectacle every evening.

Boat Rentals

Keep in mind, you can always opt for one of the Anna Maria Island boat rentals. You can go on your own kind of adventure. Some guests prefer a guide because they lack familiarity with the region. Others just want to cruise, and they don’t necessarily need a captain to do so.

The point is that you can craft your kind of adventure. You have many options available. You can even get a boat dropped off right to one of the local Holmes Beach vacation rentals. Keep it for the duration of the trip, and go in and out of the waters whenever you please!

Contact us for details on our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals. We can connect you with the right kind of home at the right time of year.