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Planning Your Trip to the Robinson Preserve

Anna Maria Island is a wonderful place to get up close and personal with unique nature. And one of the best ways to do that is by visiting Robinson Preserve.

Robinson Preserve is a natural mosaic, pulled right from a delicate landscape painting and planted off the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s an impressive yet quiet place. Robinson Preserve encourages reflection, as visitors come all year-long to ponder their place in the world and get inspired by the incredible views.

Or they just want to see some birds. Either way, Robinson Preserve is a lovely place to see. It is 487-acres of swamps, mangroves, and beaches for you to explore at any speed you like. How do you prepare for your adventure into these beautiful and acclaimed wetlands?

Dragonfly at the Robinson Preserve in Florida

How Close is the Robinson Preserve to Anna Maria Island?

The preserve is located about 15 minutes from the island depending on traffic and where you are located. Our city of Anna Maria vacation rentals near the center of the island giving you the quickest path to the preserve.

The Manatee County official website offers further details about the preserve and what you can expect. It is a wild world of relaxation. Escape the noise and soak in the inspiring nature of this quiet and protected land.

Hiking at the Robinson Preserve

What can you do? The most popular activity at the preserve is hiking. Visitors are also prone to rollerblading, fishing, and camping. There are a myriad number of small fishing locales, though the preserve does have limitations on where and when you can fish, including what you can keep. Fishing is allowed at piers and bridges, but visitors can only use a rod and reel.

Kayak and paddleboards are also available for rent. All equipment requires a reservation. The drop-in location is at 9800 Manatee Ave West, on the Palma Sola Causeway.

What are the Trails Like?

Most of the trailheads have signed postage displaying what you can’t use to travel the trail. For example, bikes are not allowed on all trails. Rollerblading is usually allowed on bike trails, whereas hiking trails are usually strictly limited to hiking by foot.

Rollerblading is a popular activity through the main part of Robinson Preserve at its two entrances, but not common (or practical) on the trails.

Two Separate Entrances

How do you get into the preserve? The preserve is extremely easy to get to. There are two entrances. These are at the west end of 9th Ave NW and 17th Ave NW. You can use the full address at 1704 99th St NW, Bradenton, FL 34209 to find it with Google Maps.

Navigating in and around the preserve is also extremely accommodating. You can access by vehicle, bike, or on foot. Interestingly, the side of the road is actually blocked off to ensure extra safety for any bikers, runners, or hikers.

Observation tower at Robinson Preserve in Bradenton, FL

The Noteworthy Observation Tower

What can you find here? There are some very fascinating sights to see in the preserve. Perhaps the most noteworthy is the observation tower. The tower is located in the northeast portion of the preserve and it provides you a stunning view of the surrounding mangroves.

You can find a children’s playground, multiple picnic tables, and special guided tours. The schedule varies, but there is usually at least a few tours a week (and one every weekend). Some of the outdoor education workshops include sneak peeks into conservation and restoration, special wildlife walks, homeschool programs, and gardener nature walks.

When is it open? While seasonal hours vary, you can expect the park to generally be open from around 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. give or take an hour depending on the time of year. You can confirm the day’s hours at the visitor’s center.