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5 Tips for Buying Travel Insurance and Why It’s Important

When browsing vacation rentals on Anna Maria Island, you’re probably wondering about the number of bedrooms and proximity to the beach and restaurants. One aspect of renting that you may not be considering is travel insurance. Though many travelers don’t think of insurance as a necessary expense, it can come in handy if the unexpected comes your way. From illness to injury to any other unforeseen circumstance, there are countless things that could impede your travels, but having insurance can help minimize the damage. Read on for 5 tips when it comes to purchasing travel insurance.

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Consider Why You Need It

Talking about travel insurance is not the most glamorous part of vacationing. It’s much more exciting to be planning the best photo ops or narrowing down the can’t-miss restaurants. But if someone in your group gets hurt or sick, something gets stolen from you, or unpreventable circumstances like a natural disaster impact your plans, you’ll be much happier if you’ve purchased insurance. You simply never know what may happen, so it’s a better investment to fork up an extra $100 up-front than to wind up draining your bank account in the event of an emergency.

Think About Who and What You Should Insure

Consider all aspects of your trip when selecting an insurance plan. Is it just you and your spouse, or are you bringing the whole family? Will you be driving or flying? How long will you be away? All of these factors are important to keep in mind, as they may change your insurance requirements and costs. For example, insurance premiums are based on the age of the oldest traveler, so this person may want to get a separate policy if it will impact the group’s insurance as a whole.

Remember What Is Typically Not Insured

There are some circumstances that are not usually covered by travel insurance, such as pre-existing medical conditions or high-risk activities like skydiving. If any of this applies to you, be sure you’ve taken precautions to keep you and your family in the best financial situation. This may mean checking with your health insurance and making sure you can receive coverage while you’re away, or purchasing separate insurance to cover these circumstances.

Contact Your Current Insurance Providers

In some cases, the insurance you already pay for may still be effective when you’re out of town. Your auto insurance may cover your rental car, or your health insurance may be able to reimburse you for some aspects of care if you find yourself sick or hurt on vacation. Even your home insurance may cover items that are lost or damaged. You may also receive a customer loyalty discount on travel insurance through your existing companies. By checking with your existing insurance providers, you can save yourself some time, hassle, and money that can be better spent enjoying yourself on Anna Maria Island!

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Know Your Travel Habits

If you know you’re planning several big trips throughout the year, you may want to consider an annual travel insurance plan. This option can be much more cost-effective and cause you less stress overall if you know you’ll use it to its fullest potential. Many of these plans do have a maximum duration per trip, so make sure to read the fine print! If you’re just traveling once or twice throughout the year, this may not be a fit for you, but otherwise, it’s a smart option to consider and research.

Planning a getaway with your loved ones is fun and exciting, and purchasing travel insurance can help guarantee you have the most fun with the fewest worries! We can’t wait to host you in our luxurious Anna Maria Island vacation rentals. We have options for every party size, budget, and special request. Our staff loves the area and can help you every step of the way. For more information about travel insurance, Anna Maria Island, and all of our rental properties, contact us today!